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Home Automation Ideas to Consider for Your New Indiana House

Building A New Home? Why Not Plan for Smart Technology?

Home Automation Ideas to Consider for Your New Indiana House

Renovating or building a new home is an exciting time, to say the least. You’ll have complete control over what your house’s space and atmosphere will be like, creating your dream lifestyle. What do you want life to be like in this new era?

Maybe you’d like to feel more safe and secure at night or bring music to every corner of the house. Perhaps you’re a family of movie buffs who need a space to geek out before a big screen. No matter your style, there are endless smart technology solutions to customize everyday life.

The best time to install home automation is during the design and build process. Before your project starts, consider the following ideas for your new Carmel, IN, home.

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Whole-Home Audio

Have you ever been enjoying lively music in one room, dancing or cooking, and having fun, only to walk out of range and no longer hear it? You could use headphones to avoid this issue, but that isolates you from your household. The best way to experience your favorite bands, singers, soundtracks, and playlists is over multi-room audio. If you’re building a new house, this is the perfect time to wire a whole-home system and design where audio zones should be placed. If you’d like a clean, minimal look, hidden audio is installed in the walls and ceilings, similar to recessed lights. Now music is built into your home, accessible from your favorite device.

Surveillance and Security

It’s a new life in a new home. Why not make it as safe as possible? This is an excellent opportunity to install low voltage wiring for motion sensors at windows and entrances, and smart cameras at the eaves of your house. When security devices are connected to the same system as your audio, you can receive alerts directly to your phone if anything is amiss. Sync smart lights to a schedule so that it always looks like someone’s home or connect lights to sensors, so any activity bathes your yard in light.

Home Theater and Media Room

It’s your house, so if you’re a movie lover, carve out a space to immerse yourself in the cinema’s sights and sounds. A technology integrator will know just how to arrange a home theater or media room to wire surround sound speakers, a receiver, and a retractable screen, all connected to your smart system. From one press of a button, your motorized shades can lower; lights will slowly dim, the screen will drop, and it’s showtime.

Outdoor Living

Spend more time in the sun and under starry nights with outdoor entertainment and automation. Your integrator can extend whole-home audio to the outdoors with weatherproof speakers and burial subwoofers. Cables are run underground and connected to a receiver, so every speaker is synced. Outdoor screens make your Netflix nights more memorable with crickets and fresh air, and landscape lights extend the fun well past dark, controlled through your smartphone or by voice command.

Renovating and building is the ideal time to install smart home technology, so don’t miss this opportunity! To get started for your Carmel, IN, house, call Digital Home Design at 317-816-1400 or submit our contact form here!

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