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The Best Outdoor Speakers and TVs for Your Summer Entertainment

Deck Out the Outdoors with These Long-Lasting Weatherproof AV Solutions

The Best Outdoor Speakers and TVs for Your Summer Entertainment

On sunny days and warm summer nights, the last thing anyone wants is to waste time indoors. But if you want to entertain friends with your high-end audio system or the game on the big screen, you may regretfully choose to stay inside.

To this, we say, no more! With today’s weatherproof speakers and TVs, you can take your entertainment outside, so you’ll never have to choose again. Plus, the technology’s durability allows you to enjoy tunes and films in fall and even winter bundled by the fire pit.

At Digital Home Design, we offer the best of the best outdoor entertainment options for Carmel, Indiana, and surrounding towns. Continue reading to discover which exterior technology is best for your household!

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Klipsch Outdoor Speakers

Arkansas-based audio company Klipsch offers outdoor speaker solutions perfect for any patio, garden, or deck, and can readily connect to your indoor sound system. Klipsch manufactures surface mount, landscape, and rock speaker styles, so you can mix and match based on your property’s needs. The AW-650 is its top-tier box speaker and is powerful enough to fill any outdoor space with sound. The design may be simpler than other models, but the sound is superb. For more discreet music enjoyment, install Klipsch rock speakers into your garden to seamlessly blend in with nature.  

Seura Outdoor TVs

Enjoy TV seasons during any season outdoors with Seura’s exterior televisions (pictured above). Built to withstand temperatures below-zero and above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, you can rest assured your Seura TV will be fine outside in any weather. Available in Shade or Ultra Bright screens, you can optimize the image quality based on the mounting location. With high dynamic range, the picture quality features darker blacks, more vibrant colors, and is 60% brighter than indoor TVs. Plus, Seura offers outdoor accessories like its outdoor sound bar, slim wall mount, and heavy-duty TV cover to protect from mildew and mold. If you have an indoor pool, Seura also makes an indoor waterproof TV!

Triad Outdoor Audio

An alternative option for outdoor audio, Portland, OR’s Triad builds handcrafted outdoor speakers in both mounted and landscape models. Its GA4 satellites and powerful GA10 subwoofer can be placed between flowers, hedges, or around your yard to spread sound in every direction. With an optional underground kit, the subwoofer can be buried below-ground for deep bass sounds under the satellite speakers. Triad’s Garden Array series is scalable to build a system as large or small as you would like, covering either your entire yard or just the patio area, for example.


At a slightly cheaper price tag than Seura, SunBriteTV builds outdoor screens optimized for either Full Shade or Partial Sun, ranging from 43” up to 75”. Want to watch Titanic while submerged in the pool? SunBrite screens can handle splashes of water, rain, heat, humidity—any weather! Its screens are used by many professional sports stadiums, including Wrigley Field and Gillette Stadium, so you can trust that professionals also have good faith in SunBriteTV.

Sonance Landscape Series

Last but certainly not least, Sonance is an award-winning manufacturer that produces its own outdoor landscape series of satellites, subwoofers, and hi-fi rock speakers. The small bullet-style satellite speakers are designed to hide among the foliage, and paired with a subwoofer, will create a big bass impact without the clunky appearance of technology. CE Pro called Sonance the “dealer’s choice” for landscape audio and highlights the flexible output of the speakers to cater to specific listening zones for a customized setting.

Whichever you choose, all five brands provide exceptional outdoor AV to boost your summer days and nights. We hope that you have fun creating memories with friends and family enjoying music and movies outdoors.

To see and hear the magic of outdoor entertainment for yourself, visit Digital Home Design here in Indianapolis, give us a call, or fill out our contact form here.

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