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What Is Smart Home Automation?

Understanding How Today’s Technology Can Transform Your Lifestyle

What Is Smart Home Automation?

What makes a home “smart”? Maybe you or someone you know owns a smart device like the Amazon Alexa or a Nest thermostat. But true smart home automation can (and should) be so much more. An automated home allows you to control every device in your house from a tablet or smartphone from anywhere. Everything — lights, music, video, climate, security, etc. — is in your control and will connect to a remotely managed network.

If you can imagine automating it, you can probably do it. Each piece of your house will function automatically in one system, like magic. With smart home automation, your Carmel, IN, house should feel like it’s in the world of Harry Potter.

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But what makes a great smart home system? What should one look for before having a system installed, and why should you have a professional automate your home? We dive into these questions and more to help you build your dream house.

What to Expect from a Well-Working System

First things first, a high-performing smart home needs a reliable network. The network is the beating heart of your smart home. Without a dependable network, devices will be in and out of use as spotty Wi-Fi drops (we all know areas of the house that don’t get great coverage). A network installed with long-lasting wires will connect to your TVs, telephone, music, security, control system, and mobile devices. That way, you can depend on everything working at all times, even if you are not home.

From there, you’ll want all of your devices connected to the same control system, like Control4. On your smartphone, tablet, or voice command device, you’ll be able to adjust the lights, music, interior temperature, automated window shades, and more. You shouldn’t need a pile of remotes for your devices; it should all seamlessly connect in one place. The control system should be visually simple to use. Later on, adding a new device should not be a problem.

Reasons to Have Your System Professionally Installed

Let’s admit it, we’re not all handy with technology and wires. Not everyone has the time or expertise for a do-it-yourself project. For reliable smart home automation, especially a high-end system, you’ll have access to more sophisticated customization with a professional installment. If you want your shades to automatically rise when you press “good morning” on your phone, or for your hot tub lights to turn on with your outdoor speakers, a professional system can achieve that and more.

Plus, you can pick and choose from a wider range of products and systems while working with a professional. And if something ever goes wrong, you’ll have someone to call to help with the technology. If you decide to attempt a smart home installation without a professional, unfortunately, you’ll be on your own.

To learn more about smart home automation in Carmel, IN, call Digital Home Design at (317) 816-1400, fill out our contact form, or chat with our customer support below. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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