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DIY vs. Professionally Installed: What’s Best for Your Smart Home?

Simple technology is easier to find than ever, but is it the best solution?

DIY vs. Professionally Installed: What’s Best for Your Smart Home?

Browse the aisles of Target or Wal-Mart around Carmel, IN and you’ll find innovative products like the Ring Doorbell or Amazon Echo ready to purchase. Nowadays, it seems like anyone can experience smart technology with products like the Nest thermostat or wireless stereos. And for someone who only desires a few automated devices, do-it-yourself products can be a quick solution.

But are simple DIY devices enough to build your dream smart home, or should you consider an advanced professionally-installed system?

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The Benefits of DIY Smart Home Tech

The primary benefit of DIY is the simplicity of picking up a product at the store, reading the instruction manual, and doing the work on your own. For someone who is not technologically-savvy, anything more complicated than setting up a voice-activated speaker or smart thermostat may pose difficulties. But for those who are handy and only looking to incorporate only a few simple devices, you may be able to do it yourself.

The Limitations of DIY

There are endless possibilities for smart home technology — from motorized shades to lighting control, multi-room music to climate monitoring, and more.  But if these features don’t work in synch, your home is not truly automated.  

With DIY products, it can be difficult or impossible to connect everything to one system. Separate devices will lead you to deal with different apps and interfaces. And when it comes to protecting your home from hacking and security misuse, you won’t have tech support to help.   

When to Bring in the Professionals

Just like parts of a body function in unison, your smart home’s technology should work together on its own, like a living being with a brain. That’s what makes it “smart,” after all. To do this, you’ll need a professionally-installed integrated solution.

Imagine adjusting your music, security system, lighting and more all on one device — and from anywhere in the world. Jetting off on vacation and unsure if you turned off the thermostat? As you’re waiting in line to board your flight, you can turn it off right from your phone or tablet! From the same system, check your security cameras for peace of mind.

With a professionally integrated system, you can set your home to “morning” or “night,” and everything will look and feel exactly as you want it to (inside and outdoors) without requiring the press of a button. Should any problems arise, your professional integrator can handle it for you after giving them a call.

The decision to take automation from DIY to the next level is ultimately a personal one. But for your home’s devices to work in unison, using a professional system is the safest and surest option.

Do you want to get started on your automated smart home? For a sophisticated and customizable system, contact us here or give us a call at (317) 816-1400!