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Why Your IoT Devices Aren’t ‘True’ Home Automation—Yet

Go Beyond Disjointed Smart Devices with a Professional Automation System

Why Your IoT Devices Aren’t ‘True’ Home Automation—Yet

IoT (Internet of Things) devices are more prevalent than ever in Indiana households. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have become the latest members of many families, and video doorbell devices promise to keep homes safe. But if you desire a truly sophisticated smart home, you’d be selling yourself short to stop with these plug-and-play devices.

Why? We share what true smart home automation can achieve for your Carmel, IN house below, so you can see how working with a professional integrator makes all the difference.

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What Makes a Real Smart Home?

True home automation unifies all of your technology under one umbrella, controlled from one app on your phone or tablet. This can include smart lighting, your home’s speakers and subwoofers, surveillance cameras and sensors, TV screens, thermostats, and more. With all technology merged, you can create custom scenes to relive whenever convenient. Control4’s When>>Then feature lets your systems react to each other like dominos, using conditional commands. For example, when the garage door lifts, lights will automatically turn on. Or when your scheduled “Good Morning” event is activated, music will automatically play over whole-home audio while motorized blinds rise, letting in the sunrise.

If all your devices are not connected to one smart system, automation like this is not possible. Over a reliable, robust home network, you’ll customize the atmosphere of your entire home in one press of a button or by saying, “Alexa, dinner time.” You can always build on your smart home system later on, too, so you can start small with only a few rooms or devices and incorporate more later. An integrator like Digital Home Design can help future-proof your system, making it easy to add to and update, so it’s never obsolete.

Working with A Smart Home Professional

There’s a world of possibilities with smart home automation that you may never consider without help from a professional. For instance, did you know you can add a hot tub to your smart system and manage the water temperature from your choice control panel? An integrator will know how to implement a sophisticated network that addresses your specific needs and desires. Not everyone has the time or the handy skills to customize and create what a technology expert can. Plus, a smart home professional will introduce you to a broader range of products (think speakers, smart lighting fixtures, security solutions) and is just one call away if anything goes wrong. If you go DIY? You’ll be on your own.

To make your Indiana home a spectacle of smart technology, call Digital Home Design at (317) 816-1400, chat with a member of our team below, or submit an online form here. We look forward to meeting you!

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