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How A Home Security Installation Will Ease Your Anxiety

Explore Smart Security Options & When It Will Help Most

How A Home Security Installation Will Ease Your Anxiety

It’s easy to fret about our home’s safety and privacy, even if we have no reason to worry. If you’ve ever laid up at night wondering if you locked the doors and windows, quietly reacting to every creak and bump in the night, then a smart security system may give you much-needed peace of mind. With today’s advanced technology, automated surveillance systems include user-friendly alerts on your smartphone that monitor every side of your house. Home security is easy to use and can work in sync with other smart home technology.

But if you’re unsure if a home security installation is right for your Carmel, IN home, continue reading below to shed light on technologies available and circumstances it will be convenient.

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When Can A Security System Help?

There are countless situations in which a home security installation will come in handy, often at the most unpredictable moments. Consider the following scenarios a home monitoring will give you peace of mind:

  • If you’re going on a trip, feel secure leaving your house unattended by monitoring cameras and motion sensors from your phone.
  • When leaving pets unattended, check in any time on your device.
  • Observe who comes in and out of the house when you’re not home, whether it’s a dog walker, nanny, cleaning services, or landscaping.
  • In the event of trespassing, you’ll be alerted by the first motion.
  • If you teenage children stay home alone, rest assured that they’re safe (and behaving!).
  • Potential thieves will be deterred from attempting to steal packages or break in by the sight of cameras.

No longer will you have to wonder “what if?”. If anything happens, your smart security system will let you know.

How Does It Work?

To assemble the right security system for your household, you have many options. Surveillance cameras installed around your property will allow access to live video feed right from your smartphone or tablet. Use your touch screen as a video intercom system to see who’s at the door, and check the cameras from any location, whether you’re in the grocery store parking lot or on vacation in France. Activity will also be recorded for playback and if needed, to send to the police.

Another available feature is the automated door lock, keeping your doors open only to those who know the code. Automated door locks are smart enough to report to your security system when someone enters or exits, and you can opt to receive texts or emails for all activity.

With an experienced home security installer, you may add customized alarms to work with your cameras, smart locks, and lighting. Press “Good Night” on your smartphone, and all of your lights will turn on or off, doors will lock, and alarms will turn on. You’ll sleep soundly, feeling rested and content the next day.

Does a smart security system sound helpful to your household? To learn more, call Digital Home Design at (317) 816-1400, fill out our contact form, or chat with our customer support below!

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