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Digital Home Design: The Home Automation Experts

Learn Why Partnering With A Technology Expert Is Your Best Choice

Digital Home Design: The Home Automation Experts

It’s not surprising to hear that builders and architects have noticed their clients requesting home automation and smart home features more frequently over the last few years. Smart homes have become increasingly popular because they make life easy yet luxurious – giving your clients’ homes complex functionalities that require minimal user input.

Installing shades or smart lighting may seem like a simple add-on to client projects, but how comfortable is your firm delivering these innovative and intricate technologies?

You may think that your firm can handle the installation of home automation yourself for Carmel, IN, clients. But if you want to create the ultimate new or upgraded home experience for your clients, then a fully automated home designed by technology professionals is imperative.

Keep reading below to learn two reasons why working alongside Digital Home Design for your next project is the best choice for you and your clients’ projects.

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Work With An Industry Expert

If you had the choice between taking your car to a licensed mechanic or to a friend that dabbled in automotive repairs, to whom would you prefer to trust your vehicle? Builders and architects are knowledgeable but aren’t immersed in the home automation industry like the expertly trained integrators at Digital Home Design.

You’re busy working on the finer points of your industry—bringing expert designs and craftsmanship to clients—so let us work on what we do best: audio, video, motorized shades, lighting control, and automation. Our technicians are trained in the low voltage wiring needed for intricate, high-end smart home projects, and we stay informed of the latest technology trends that homeowners love. We regularly partner with businesses to bring comprehensive smart home packages that complement your craft's artistry—no clunky tech or bumbling systems here!

Future-Proof Projects

For new construction homes, we ensure any wiring or devices installed before the drywall goes up is well labeled and organized. For upgraded systems, we’ll do the same. We provide specifications and CAD drawings for both types of projects, so additional devices and future upgrades are more easily completed, whether by us or a different integrator.

We’ve all seen smart home technology develop over the years. It’s important to recognize that what’s commonplace now won’t necessarily be 10 or 20 years from now. So how can you ensure your client is happy today but also in the future? That’s where partnering with an integrator comes in!

Connect with us using our online form to explore the possibilities that a partnership with Digital Home Design can bring to your Carmel-area clients. We can’t wait to work alongside you!

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