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8 Things You Can Do with Your Home Surveillance System

Handy Ways to Protect Your Indiana Home

8 Things You Can Do with Your Home Surveillance System

Today’s home surveillance systems can do much more than record continuously until you discover you’ve been burglarized, prompting you to go ‘check the tapes.’ Smart technology now lets us take control of when our cameras record and keeps us intheknow of whatever’s going on. 

Whether you’re just getting started in home surveillance or looking to upgrade your existing system, read on to see the many ways you can gain peace of mind in your Carmel, IN, home. 

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1. Receive Mobile Alerts 

Maybe someone’s lingering by the door or an unfamiliar car is parked out front. Your security system can notify youonce any motion is detected on the premises. Whether you use Alarm.comControl4, or a similar platform, alerts will be sent to your phone or tablet through your system’s app. From there, you can check camera footage on your phone to see what’s happening live or when the trigger was set off. 

2. Turn On When Motion’s Detected 

What’s the use in storing ten hours of unmoving footage of your empty backyard? We can sync motion sensors with security camerasso that they only start recording when there’s motion on your property.  

3. Detect Objects with Video Analytics 

The latest surveillance cameras use artificial intelligence to detect specific objects in footage. It can recognize the difference between an animal, car, and person anddistinguish between a stranger and your household.  

4. Tie Smart Events to Different Objects 

Smart camera’s video analytics can signal specific reactions from your automation system. A car pulling in the driveway, for instance, can turn on pathway and front door lights, while a squirrel on the driveway won’t trigger anything. 

5. Ignore Routine Movements & Visitors 

Smart security lets you pick and choose what actions create a notification. It will recognize your family, frequent visitors, and familiar cars so it won’t unnecessarily bother you several times a day

6. Sync Triggers to Specific Times of Day 

New system features allow you to decide whether rules you set are active all day or only at certain times. You might be more interested in receiving alerts while you’re out at work, but not as many if you’re home eating dinner. 

 7. Connect to Automated Lighting 

Create a rule that when your cameras identify someone on the property after dark, it automatically turns on landscape lights. Or if you’re away, lights can flash red if unusual activity is spotted, scaring away any trespasser.  

8. Use Remote Monitoring Services 

Do you want even tighter security for your home? You can take all stresses off your shoulders by partnering with a remote monitoring service. If something sets off your security system, an agent can view your surveillance footage to assess the situation. They’ll try contacting you, and if you don’t respond, they will notify the authorities. This is a lifesaver not only with burglaries but also fires, floods, and gas detection. 

If you’d like to learn even more about home security options, explore Digital Home Design’s technology blog. And for any questions about a home surveillance system for your Indiana property, contact our team here

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