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Should You Retrofit or Build a New Smart Home System?

How to Work With a Trusted Provider for New Distributed Audio Video

Should You Retrofit or Build a New Smart Home System?

To transform your house into a dazzling ‘smart home’, you often have to throw out your old hardware and devices -- replacing everything with new gear.  Ready to take full advantage of modern technology? You have options

If you’d like a smart smoke alarm to receive alerts to your phone, for instance, you’ll need to toss out your old smoke alarm. But now, newer smart home solutions are available that allow you to transform a plain-old device into an integrated one.

Similarly, if you want to add distributed audio video to your Carmel, Indiana home, you may be wondering—should I retrofit my old system or start anew? In today’s blog, we’ll take you through the right choice for your project, whether that includes security, AV, or smart lighting.

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When to Retrofit

If you’re already settled into your home, it may be challenging to connect cables to multi-room audio or smart home devices. Whole-home audio involves routing cables through the walls and ceilings, and installers may need to cut holes into your walls to do so.

However, wireless speakers are a helpful shortcut to avoid this disruption. Wireless connections may not be as reliable as a wired installation, and you might require a Wi-Fi extender to broadcast a strong signal across your entire house. But you’ll be able to enjoy connectivity without tearing the walls apart. Alternatively, you can install smart products that allow you to send AV sources through a single Cat5 cable, reducing the need for construction.

When to Build New

Whether you’re building a new home, relocating, or undergoing an addition, don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate a new smart home system into the architecture. A professional integrator can help accommodate wiring and unconventional design elements from the beginning. So, years from now, as you add new technology to your home, it will be simple and take little time.  

All the wiring you’ll need for audio, video, lighting, security, and more will be implemented while walls are built, reducing the need to cut through plaster later on. Consider all the possibilities. Would you like a retractable projector from the ceiling? A personal home theater? By bringing an installer into the early stages of your project, you’ll ensure your smart system is flawlessly designed, with problem areas like windows and doors in the right positions.

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